Curiosity Continuum

Thankfulness: Part 1

November 23, 2020

Are you thankful to others? We as people rarely get to thank others where we are solo. In fact, nobody is truly solo, as people helped them along the way. Join Brian and Josh as they give thanks to those who helped them along their way. 

Gratitude for:

  • Mom and Dad Shun
  • Mom and Dad LaGrew
  • Georganne and Larry Kanthak
  • 2nd grade Mrs. Nelson
  • Karen Lundblad
  • Taco Bell (the people and the opp)
  • Pat Farrand
  • Mike Talbott
  • Jane Erdahl
  • Otto Price
  • Phil Joel
  • Will McGinniss
  • Grandparents Bill and Audrey
  • Grandparents Dick and Babe
  • Grandparents Albert and Dorothy

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